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SHARK-Cut Rebore

Flexible drilling and turning system with coolant through

General information

  • High-performance boring
  • Limited facing and turning capabilities



  • Multiple cutting edges
  • All holders with coolant through


Tool selection

2-edged - drilling depth 2,25 x D: ø 12,0 - 50,0 mm
Increments: 0,5 mm

3-edged - drilling depth 2,25 x D: ø 24,0 - 50,0 mm
Increments: 0,5 mm


Carbide coated

CVD-Multilayer coating
Wear resistant grade for steel and cast materials in stable machining conditions and for high cutting Speed. Strong cutting edge and high heat resistance.

PVD-Multilayer coating
Universal and first choice for machining stainless steel and high temperature alloys. Wide application area, very tough and with excellent wear resistance.

CVD-Multilayer coating
The reliable choice for machining steel and cast materials under less stable machining conditions. The grade has strong cutting edge preparation and is very tough.  

PVD-Multilayer coating, substrate + TIALN

Carbide coated grade for machining stainless steel. Can also be used for steel materials with low to medium hardness as well as for high temperature alloys. Optimum cutting edge stability. Excellent results at low to medium cutting speeds. 

CVD-Multilayer coating, substrate + TICN + TICN + TICNB + AL2O3

Main application area for this grade is the machining of all cast materials. Also suitable for machining steel. The new substrate provides the necessary toughness and heat resistance. 

PVD-Multilayer coating, substrate + ALTIN

Extremely wear-resistant grade for machining steel materials, cast iron and non-ferrous products due to high hardness in coating. Especially suitable for high cutting speeds.

CVD-Multilayer coating, substrate + TIC + TICN + TIN

Carbide grade with high toughness for machining steel materials at medium cutting speeds. 

CVD-Multilayer coating, substrate + TIN + TICN + AL2O3

Carbide grade with high wear resistance for machining cast iron and steel materials. 

Carbide uncoated

Grade for machining aluminum, aluminum alloys, non-ferrous metals and plastics. Can also be used for machining cast iron and high temperature alloys.  Insert is peripheryground and the chipbreaker is polished.

Special carbide grade for steel materials at slow cutting speeds and unstable machining conditions. 

Application video

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