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The ARNO FOA Milling system accomodates both round and octagonal inserts in the same insert pocket.

General information

  • 2 different inserts with 8 cutting edges
  • soft cutting positive face mill
  • Suitable for copy milling, circular milling, pocket milling, face milling and ramping




  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Cast materials
  • Aluminum and non-ferrous materials

Diameter range:
40mm up to 160mm


AK5915 CVD-coated carbide grade + ALTIN
Newest coating technology for all cast materials. Due to the increased hardness it is possible to operate at increased cutting speed.

AN1015 Unocated carbide grade
Grade for roughing and finishing of aluminum alloys and with it is sharp edge also for non-ferrous materials. Insert is polished to reduce build up edge tendency.

AP2130 CVD-coated carbide grade
Suitable for finishing steel, stainless steel and cast materials. A very universal grade with high heat and oxidation resistance.

AM5740 PVD-coated carbide grade + ALTIN
Grade for milling stainless steel at medium to high cutting speeds, also suitable for milling high temperature alloys and titanium alloys.

Application video

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